Our Terms and Conditions

This document describes the agreement of terms and conditions between any customers of merchandise (BUYER) from Elizabeth Fabrics Inc. (SELLER). Please the details of the agreement below before you purchase or use Elizabeth Fabrics Inc. website.


All purchases are processed though PayPal gateway at the time of sale, where the buyer may use the appropriate payment method of their choice. Seller does not accept COD payment method.

Shipping costs will be calculated on a per brand basis, meaning separate charges will be applied during checkout for each fabric brand. Memo Samples of all brands will be shipped free.

Seller is obligated by law to collect sales tax in the jurisdiction for the state of Colorado for purchases by buyers shipping locations within the state of Colorado. Buyers outside the state of Colorado will need to pay any of the sales and use tax for the appropriate jurisdiction.

Order Processing

Orders are processed on per order basis from the buyer. The Seller has the right to review and discuss all orders with the buyer before shipment of the order. The Seller also has the right to cancel any order at their own discretion.

Buyer may only cancel / amend an order with the approval from the Seller before the order has been processed by the Seller and/or passed onto any third party distributor.

The buyer is solely responsible for determining the characteristics of any fabrics of other products purchased prior to placing an order. The Seller denies responsibility for any misrepresentation of color, quality, texture, or any other characteristics of fabrics or products from online photography.


Seller will provide tracking number for each order to the buyer via email receipt. Orders will be shipped to buyer once the order has been processed by all receiving parties, which could take up to 2-3 business days from time of buyer order placement. Seller is cannot guarantee all orders will be processed and shipped within 2-3 business days.

Buyer is responsible for knowing the delivery date for all merchandise via tracking number sent via email receipt. The buyer is responsible for the receiving of the merchandise at the shipping destination upon the delivery of merchandise.

The title of all merchandise is transferred to the buyer when merchandise is shipped from any supplier locations. During the event of damaged goods from shipment, the Seller will work with the Buyer to file any damage claims that are necessary.

Seller will not be responsible if any damage to a Buyer’s property occurs during delivery. The Buyer will have to file a damage claim with the corresponding delivery service.

Once Buyer receives the merchandise, the Buyer has the responsibility to inspect the merchandise for any damage that occurred during delivery and to report any damages on the Bill of Landing within 72 hours of delivery. Any damages not reported on the Bill of Landing the Seller is not responsible for. The Buyer has the right to refuse delivery if merchandise is significantly damaged.

Return Policy

All sales from the Seller to the Buyer are final. The Buyer of merchandise will only be allowed returns during an event of damaged goods from shipping or manufacture defects, in which the Seller needs to be notified by the buyer within 30 days of delivery date. No returns will be accepted by the Buyer after the 30 day policy. To validate an acceptable return, buyer needs proof of damage (photographs) within 72 hours of Bill of Landing from shipping service for damaged goods, or proof of manufacture defects (photographs) that would qualify the merchandise for an acceptable return.

Any alterations to the merchandise (cuts, stains, etc.) will disqualify a Buyers merchandise order for a return. Buyer should make inspections of all merchandise before use to avoid disqualification for a possible return.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be issued to the Buyer on a per order basis. The Seller will issue a refund if an order by the Buyer has not been processed or merchandise is returned in a condition that warrants a refund according to Seller’s refund policy. Buyers need to make sure all merchandise amount and type are desired before checkout.

All refunds will be issued to the Buyer from Seller back on Buyers credit card.

In the event of Buyer wanting to return goods for reasons that don’t qualify as returnable merchandise, the Buyer can return goods at a cost of a 30% restock fee and shipping cost associated with return of goods. Buyer will be refunded the difference of the amount paid for returned goods and the restocking fee and shipping cost.   


Any manufacture warranties policy provided by merchandise manufactures shall be honored by the Seller, with the expectation of Elizabeth Fabrics Inc fabric line in which no warranty is provided. If any warranty claim is needed, the Seller will do its best to assist the Buyer in the warranty claim.

Warranties may be subject to investigation by the Seller and merchandise manufacture and deemed uncovered if the claim violated any warranty policy of the merchandise manufacturer.

Seller is not held responsible for any denied warranty claims to the Buyer by the merchandise manufacturer.


The Buyer shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Seller and its collaborators, suppliers and licensors, and their officers, directors, agents and employees from and against any claim, proceeding, loss, damage, fine, penalty, interest and expense (including, without limitation, fees for attorneys and other professional advisors) arising out of or in connection with the Buyers: 1)access to or use of the Service or third party content and services;2)breach of this agreement; 3)violation of law; 4)negligence or willful misconduct; or 5) violation of the rights of a third party.

The Buyer will promptly notify the Seller in writing of any third-party claim arising out of or in connection with the Buyer’s access to or use of the Service.

Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between the Seller and the Buyer regarding the use of the Sellers online site, and supersedes any previous agreements written or electronic.